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Is he tripping??!

Andrew Little appears to be the one with brain damage given his outdated rhetoric on cannabis, according to the Cannabis Party.

"Conjuring up tired Nixonian drug war era propaganda and seemingly justifying unfair workplace drug testing policies makes Labour look dopey," Cannabis Party leader Julian Crawford said.

"At the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy conference in Auckland last week, international experts agreed that the only way to minimise harms from youth use of cannabis is to end prohibition by decriminalising and regulating it."

The Cannabis Party are defending Wicked Camper's right to freedom of speech, relating to cannabis references, following an "offensive ruling" by the chief censor.

The censor's ruling has been labeled as an offensive publication by the Cannabis Party leader Julian Crawford, who has referred the ruling to the censor.

The censor banned images on vans depicting cartoon characters Scooby Doo and Dr Seuss with cannabis references.

The offensive slogans are "someone pass Shaggy the baggie so he can roll Scooby a doobie" and "I did a bong I did, I did a bong! A bong I did".

"The censor will now have to publicly justify why he is perpetuating offensive and derogatory attitudes towards cannabis users," Mr Crawford said.

"The censor has effectively said that violence, rape and murder is more acceptable to society than cannabis, with this ruling."

When freedom of speech is under attack the Cannabis Party has a moral obligation to fight back.

Evidence has been produced by the Cannabis Party to verify its claims about Labour's two question referendum on cannabis.

Photographs of legislation written by the Clerk of Parliament on behalf of Labour MP Damien O'Connor, back up the Cannabis Party's claims.

The Cannabis Party was forced to release evidence of the legislation after a misinformed Labour spokesperson said the referendum's existence was "absolute rubbish" and "nonsense".

The Cannabis Party leader is standing by his statement on a cannabis referendum despite claims it is nonsense.

Labour is rubbishing claims it is backing a referendum on decriminalising cannabis, following a statement from the Cannabis Party.

Cannabis Party leader Julian Crawford says the vibe he'd got from Labour leader Andrew Little was that he "sounded positive" the idea of a referendum was being progressed by Labour.

Labour leader Andrew Little is backing a referendum to decriminalise cannabis, despite reservations from his deputy leader.

Mr Little spoke out publicly in favour of the proposal, following a plea from Helen Kelly, to hold referenda on medical and recreational cannabis at the next election.

The Cannabis Party confirmed it had been assisting Labour to prepare the referendum legislation, which would soon be introduced as a private member's bill.

Grey Power's national president has spoken in support of a Northland chapter promoting the legalisation of medicinal cannabis, despite it being one of the "more unusual" causes taken up by a local group.

However, Grey Power federation president Tom O'Connor stressed the national organisation did not yet have an official stance on medicinal cannabis and would take a science-based approach if the issue was to come before the board. But, he said, local chapters were entitled to take on their own causes.

"We don't intrude on their autonomy," he said.

One in 20 Kiwis use cannabis for "medical purposes", but 70 per cent of those also use it for recreation, researchers say.

A study published in the New Zealand Medical Journal on Friday found five per cent of Kiwis over the age of 15 had used cannabis for medicinal purposes in the past year.

Of that group, about 70 per cent said they also used the drug recreationally.

Dunne is wrong to claim that medical cannabis is a pharmaceutical-only product, the Cannabis Party says.

Medical cannabis is actually a herbal medicine and should be treated like any other herbal medicine, leader Julian Crawford said.

"In 24 US states it can be bought in its raw form from non-pharmaceutical dispensaries," he said.

"No pharmaceutical company will be able to patent cannabis in its natural form, making it unviable for them."

Compulsory addiction treatment for cannabis users is just as authoritarian and unjustified as the failed War on Drugs.

There is no scientific basis for the government's decision to force up to 26,000 cannabis users into addiction treatment.

The government's refusal to support decriminalisation of cannabis will ensure all the failed outcomes of prohibition will be perpetuated.

Today suppression has been lifted around the Kelly Van Gaalen court case.

The court of appeal quashed her original 2 year prison sentence, ordering a retrial.

"She today stood once again in front of Judge Macdonald and recieved a sentence to her guilty plea of 5 months community detention and 300 hours community work. This is on top of the 3 months prison time which the Court of Appeal said should not have happened," a family spokesperson said.