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An Auckland state house tenant has escaped eviction for growing and smoking marijuana for pain relief, Radio New Zealand reports.

The station said Ida Murrie, 61, was arrested last year for growing cannabis in her Housing New Zealand home.

"Ms Murrie struggles to walk. She said she was in constant pain and cannabis provided relief," RNZ said.

Sick New Zealanders might not need to jump through so many hoops to obtain some cannabis-based medicines if a Nelson lawyer wins her battle against the Government.

Sue Grey says she has the backing of a leading government scientist who says CBD based medicines should not be restricted because CBD isn't covered under the Misuse of Drugs Act

Grey intends to challenge the Government in the High Court if it doesn't change its legal classification of cannabidiol, or CBD.

A cannabis user has filed a complaint against police for what he claims was inhumane treatment following a recent arrest.

Whangarei man Nathan Tucker said he spent six hours in police cells and was denied food, water, and medicine during that time.

He has now lodged a complaint with the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA).

A recently-discovered cannabis-like substance naturally produced by our brains could play a role in treating Parkinson's disease.

University of Auckland researchers will attempt to unravel the complex processes involved in the release of dopamine - and how what are called endocannabinoids might influence them.

Dopamine is a chemical transmitter that underlies many of our basic behaviours, including movement, but much about the mechanism that determines the timing and size of its release remains unknown.

The Green Party have no intention of implementing their new cannabis policy, despite some good aspects to the policy.

Metiria Turei has said in the past that cannabis law reform wasn't one of her party's priorities and now Labour leader Andrew Little has confirmed it still wont be a priority under the Labour-Green MOU.

"I’ve a personal view from my personal experience of dealing with workplace drug and alcohol policies about more liberal access for young people, and by that I mean up to 25, to cannabis, because I know of the long-term harmful effects that even modest use can have," Little said.

Not many GPs seem to be prescribing medicinal cannabis, not for now at least. Cannabis for medicinal use is being taken more seriously but many health professionals prefer to shy away.

This may well be because evidence as to efficacy is mixed, even though anecdotally many patients have compelling stories about its pain-relieving qualities and other properties.

The evidence landscape currently shows that the scientific and clinical studies to support medical use of cannabis and cannabis-derived products is still limited with very little in-depth research using different cannabis products at different doses or as comparative studies for the treatment of chronic pain.

Customs has updated its guidelines around cannabis-based products, just a week after a loophole was identified in the law.

Under direction from the Ministry of Health, it's banning all medicinal cannabis products from being carried in on flights from the United States.

LISTEN: Brandon Stronge: Loophole to bring cannabis into NZ legally

The Cannabis Party is pleased to announce an exclusive guided tour of California to buy legal cannabis.

By-election candidate Brandon Stronge said the tour was a uniquie opportunity for medical cannabis users to bring cannabis back into New Zealand legally.

"A doctor's evaluation and medical cannabis recommendation will be included as part of the package," he said.

Mt Roskill by-election candidate Brandon Stronge is calling on John Key to halt all payments from the New Zealand taxpayer to the Clinton Foundation, which is under investigation by the FBI.

Australia cut off funding for the foundation after Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said on Tuesday agreements entered into by the Rudd-Gillard government had not been renewed.

However, NBR reports that New Zealand's government still plans to give a further $6 million to the Clinton Foundation's flagship initiative, on top of $7.7 million already given.