Cannabis News

A bill that would remove marijuana from the list of hard drugs, classifying it as a soft drug like alcohol, is set to be debated by Chile’s Congress in full after approval at the committee stage.

A Chilean municipality harvested legal medical marijuana last week as part of a government-approved pilot project aimed at helping ease pain in cancer patients.

The harvest comes after Chile’s first planting of pot for medical uses in October 2014. It is the work of a municipality in the capital of Santiago and the Daya Foundation, a nonprofit group that sponsors pain-relieving therapies.

“We’re laying the foundations for what will be the national production of medical cannabis,” Daya’s president, Ana Maria Gazmuri, said after cutting branches from cannabis plants.

Police arrested 53 people as pro-cannabis protestors gathered to get high and call for the drug to be legalised in London's Hyde Park today. Dramatic images captured the moment four officers took down and restrained a tracksuit-wearing man near the entrance to the park - just yards from a prominent police sign which read: 'Possession of cannabis is illegal'.

The crowds met this afternoon as part of the annual '420' event - a global celebration of cannabis which calls for reform to drug laws.

Thousands of campaigners were seen sitting on the grass openly smoking marijuana, comparing the size of their joints and listening to speakers while dozens of police officers hovered nearby.

Many protestors handed out cannabis leaf-shaped fliers and carried signs, with one reading: 'Ed Miliband wouldn't want his own children criminalised for cannabis possession.'

The Queensland and Victorian state governments have joined forces with New South Wales to take part in medicinal cannabis clinical trials.

The NSW Government introduced the scientific trials last year to help treat patients with drug-resistant and uncontrollable epilepsy.

The new agreement means Victorians and Queenslanders suffering terminal or life-threatening conditions can take part in the NSW clinical trials.

The three trials will be conducted by the NSW Government and will examine the use of cannabis in providing relief for patients.

Victoria's Health Minister Jill Hennessy said the first trial would be open to children with severe, drug resistant epilepsy, due to start mid next year.

"There's a series of experts that oversee the eligibility for who gets to partake and we'll be doing all we can to support Victorian families and Victorian kids who meet that eligibility criteria to participate in the trial," she said.