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The Cannabis Party welcomes news that the interim CEO of United in Compassion NZ is taking the organisation in a new direction.

The organisation is making a fresh start after its former CEO Toni-Marie Matich was accused of fraud and subsequently hospitalised under mysterious circumstances two weeks ago.

The Cannabis Party looks forward to working with the new UICNZ leadership to further the common goal of legalising cannabis for medical purposes.

UPDATE: United in Compassion NZ have distanced themselves from their former CEO Toni-Marie Matich and have confirmed that the alleged offending was limited to her private life.

A high-profile lobbyist linked to Peter Dunne and the New Zealand Drug Foundation is being accused of fraud, amid mysterious circumstances.

United in Compassion NZ CEO Toni-Marie Matich, was hospitalised following accusations she misappropriated a significant amount of money while leading the charity.

Pharmac's bid to fund a cannabis medication for multiple sclerosis has been declined by its advisory committee, in part because it says the risk of inappropriate use is too high.

Pharmac has been seeking clinical advice from its Pharmacology Therapeutics Advisory Committee on funding oromucosal spray Sativex. The spray is a cannabis-extract treatment used for various indications, including spasticity due to multiple sclerosis.

Canada is officially on the road to legalisation. In a letter outlining her responsibilities, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has instructed Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to begin the process of legalising and regulating cannabis in Canada.

Mexico’s Supreme Court made a monumental decision today that could lay the groundwork for a legalisation movement with some serious traction. The vote by the Supreme Court’s criminal chamber ruled that it is unconstitutional to prohibit individuals from growing and distributing cannabis for personal use.

You are being offered the wrong referendum. The matter to be decided should not be the design of a flag on which 6000 people have made submissions, but the status of a law which 400,000 people feel inclined to break each year.

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The Cannabis Party is a New Zealand based political party, which has been registered with the Electoral Commission since 1996. Every three years the Cannabis Party stands in the General Election giving voters the opportunity to elect MPs who truly value personal freedom and human rights. The Cannabis Party has over 800 members and is literally one of the fastest growing parties in New Zealand. A new leadership team has been building the party into an electoral force for future elections. Join the party and get involved with the movement.

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