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The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party exists to legalise cannabis for recreational, spiritual, medicinal and industrial purposes; to empower people to work together for peace and true justice; and to institute a proper and just balance between the power of the state and the rights and dignity of the individual. We believe adults have the right to freedom of choice unless that choice harms other people or the planet.

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Winston Peters has spoken out in support of the rights of tobacco smokers, linking his argument to the issue of legalising cannabis:

We all know smoking might not be good for your health, but the government hiking tobacco taxes in their 2016 "Get-Stuffed" Budget is just a lot of fat people sitting in their ivory towers telling smokers what to do.

You would view their action in a more sympathetic light if they showed any consistency – for example dealing with the negative impacts of obesity and the abuse of alcohol on people’s health and coming up with policies.

The government's so-called review of the medicinal cannabis access guidelines has failed to protect patients.

"These very minor changes will only help a few people, and even these seriously ill people will need to jump through quite a few hoops to have any chance of approval," said Chris Fowlie, spokesperson for the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML New Zealand Inc).

The current guidelines were shown to be cruel and unnecessarily tough after terminally-ill cancer patient Helen Kelly failed to qualify for the special exemption required under the current law. "However, the guidelines have barely been touched."

Helen Kelly has called for a Citizen's Initiated Referendum (CIR) on cannabis laws after Labour rejected her bid for a Parliamentary created referendum.

Helen Kelly helped Labour draft a legislation to create the referendum but Little later denied his party was even working on such a plan.

Out of desperation, Kelly has by-passed Labour and taken to Twitter to promote a cannabis CIR.

Is he tripping??!

Andrew Little appears to be the one with brain damage given his outdated rhetoric on cannabis, according to the Cannabis Party.

"Conjuring up tired Nixonian drug war era propaganda and seemingly justifying unfair workplace drug testing policies makes Labour look dopey," Cannabis Party leader Julian Crawford said.

"At the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy conference in Auckland last week, international experts agreed that the only way to minimise harms from youth use of cannabis is to end prohibition by decriminalising and regulating it."

The Cannabis Party are defending Wicked Camper's right to freedom of speech, relating to cannabis references, following an "offensive ruling" by the chief censor.

The censor's ruling has been labeled as an offensive publication by the Cannabis Party leader Julian Crawford, who has referred the ruling to the censor.

Evidence has been produced by the Cannabis Party to verify its claims about Labour's two question referendum on cannabis.

Photographs of legislation written by the Clerk of Parliament on behalf of Labour MP Damien O'Connor, back up the Cannabis Party's claims.

The Cannabis Party was forced to release evidence of the legislation after a misinformed Labour spokesperson said the referendum's existence was "absolute rubbish" and "nonsense".

The Cannabis Party leader Julian Crawford is standing by his statement on a cannabis referendum despite claims it is nonsense.

Labour is rubbishing claims it is backing a referendum on decriminalising cannabis, following a statement from the Cannabis Party.

Cannabis Party leader Julian Crawford says the vibe he'd got from Labour leader Andrew Little was that he "sounded positive" the idea of a referendum was being progressed by Labour.

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